John Joseph

A career mathematician, software developer and entrepreneur with over 15 years of trading experience, John has applied his unique expertise across a diverse set of industries, ranging from digital advertising and technology startups to futures trading and Broadway productions.

As a Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator, John offered AI-based intraday managed futures accounts to institutions, family offices, and individuals for over 10 years. Utilizing proprietary trading algorithms and technology, John built a dynamic and self-adaptive trading portfolio that won the RQSI/Access CTA Star Search Competition.  He has held FINRA Series 3 and 65 licenses.

He previously founded Independent Trader, Inc., a software company that provides a turnkey high-speed automated trading platform for futures traders, and Validated Media, a market maker for digital mobile, video, and display advertising.

John’s manuscript, A Nontrivial Extension of the 3x+1 Problem to Z2[i], was published in The Fibonacci Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal of mathematics focused on number theory.